Family Office Services

As Asia develops economically, Asian entrepreneurs have grown from wealth accumulation to family succession planning. With the region's maturing wealth, we sit on the cusp of an inter-generational wealth transfer in the coming 10 to 20 years. The growth in HNW families has driven the rise and demand of family offices in Asia. Singapore has been well established as one of the leading private banking and wealth management centres globally and in Asia. Singapore’s comprehensive financial regulations and laws, favourable tax incentives, along with its political and economic stability make the island nation a very attractive jurisdiction for all types of organisations, ranging from multinational companies to family offices. According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the number of family offices in Singapore rose five-fold between 2017 and 2019. Total number of family offices in Singapore has doubled to 400 in 2020. In FY2020/2021 MAS Report, AUM has reached US$3.48 trillion

Variable Capital Company (VCC)

Recently, there is a growing demand for ONSHORE fund structures. Funds are moving away from traditional OFFSHORE tax haven jurisdictions such as BVI and Cayman Islands, to ONSHORE jurisdictions such as Singapore (VCC Framework) and Hong Kong (Limited Partnership Fund), both of which have been building up their competitive edge in Fund Structures and Asset Management through various tax breaks, tax incentives and vast DTA networks. We are seeing more VC/PE funds and family offices setting up fund structures in Singapore via Variable Capital Company (VCC). As at 24 Nov 2020, 10 months since the VCC was launched in January 2020, there are already more than 150 VCCs set up. Why ONSHORE Fund Structure As an onshore structure which domiciled in Singapore obviously comes with advantages because if the fund manager is located here, investment professionals are on the ground, these lend very well to substance arguments (which are heatedly discussed in offshore structure). From a legal perspecti

Capitale Ventures

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We partner entrepreneurs in funding their growth stories through innovative market access and public venture capital strategies, to grow from start-ups to publicly traded companies. Read more on public venture capital: Capitale Ventures was established as a VC Fund Manager managing diversified investment portfolios across Asian countries.  We provide growth capital and shareholder liquidity for emerging growth companies.  What makes us distinctive is that, along with our core advisory practice, we are able to bring our unique ability to take principal positions with companies and value-add through our network of strategic partners and financial and operational know-how. The team has developed extensive networks from decades of experience and relationships within the industries in emerging markets, especially in Southeast Asia.  We help our portfolio companies in formulating global capital markets str

Capitale Advisory

Capitale Advisory consults with entrepreneurs in funding their growth stories through innovative market access and public venture capital strategies, to grow from start-ups to publicly traded companies.    Our services include:    (i)         Capital Raise:  Through understanding your strategic needs, we bridge your growth stories with our capital expertise across the debt and equity markets. For public companies, our solutions include structured debt/equity facilities, stock loans and private placements in various emerging markets.  We have a diverse network of institutional and high net worth accredited investors.    (ii)       Structuring:  We advise on a broad range of transactions including acquisitions, divestments, corporate reorganisations, financial restructuring and strategic alliances. Through the diversity of experience within the team, we aim to achieve an optimal deal structure balanced with the relevant accounting, tax, regulatory and commercial considerations. 

Public Venture Capital

Public Venture Capital  In the recent trends of capital raising, there is a strong and growing trend for creating what is now known as the public venture capital market ("Public VC"). It started because a lot of governments realize that they need to help the SMEs. By helping the SMEs, they can help them to grow the business, and as a result, they can improve the employment rate and contribute to the economy. SMEs have always complained that they are very limited routes or difficult for them to raise money.  They can go through the angels and venture capitalists route but may not be able to raise a lot of money and it can get very bureaucratic and hard to succeed. Even if you succeed, your hands are being tied down by contracts that make it hard to focus on growing your business. Public VC is a venture stock market where individual investors , small-cap asset managers and family offices finance early-stage / emerging growth companies.  There are a number